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Tank locomotives are a very important part of railroading's rich history... Especially is that so of the logging railroads of the western United States... Small when compared to the behemoths that plied the rails of most of the "mainline" railroads, and much faster than the geared locomotives that were often their stablemates, these locomotives were expected to move tonnage over less than perfect trackage and around curves that most mainline locomotives even wouldn't attempt to try...
We, personally, have been fans of these locomotives ever since being exposed to a Crown Willamette Paper Company #12 which was built by TOBY and imported in HO scale close to 50 years ago by Northwest Short Line...
Just this past spring the CLOVER VALLEY #4 was called into action to pull a fan trip special down in Niles Canyon, a couple hours south of us... Watching her, beautifully restored, in action pretty much overwhelmed us, so we decided then and there that it was high time that these work-horses-of-the-woods got some recognition (in model form) model form in "O" SCALE using today’s level of technology in the brass model field...
And so we are proud to announce several very distinctive versions, most never before produced, that are sure to win the hearts of both Logging Modelers and Collectors alike.
Please pay close attention to the photo descriptions. We are only building a limited number of models, so get your reservations in early to avoid disappointment.

CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube Video of her in action!
Our catalog number for this great model was: #0200

CLICK HERE to watch a YouTube Video of CLOVER VALLEY #4 in action!
Our catalog number for this great model was: #0201

Our catalog number for this great model was: #0202

CLICK HERE to watch a youtube video of #110 in operation on the Black Hills Central in South Dakota... (Mind you, there's a diesel in the beginning that's loud and may or may not suit your fancy, and the #110's side tanks are painted blue..??? But heck, it appears to be in good repair, and this is 2013 and it is a genuine Baldwin 2-6-6-2-T... So count yer blessings!)
Our catalog number for this great model was: #0203

See text captions for more info on twin stacked early Mallet !
Our catalog number for this great model was: #0204

We looked forward to receiving these models with great anticipation! With their short, 44 inch drivers, and articulated main frames, they were able to negotiate relatively tight ( for "O" Scale ) curves... Add to this the excellent EXCELLENT Paintwork that's become a Boo-Rim trademark, and, well, they were simply irresistible!

With a level of detailing and operation only dreamed about a few years ago, these models were created in Lifetime Brass to our specifications by South Korea's Premier Builder of Brass Models, Boo-Rim Precision, for the pleasure of the Serious "O" Scale Operator and the astute Collector of Fine Hand Crafted Brass Models alike !

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